Schuss Mountain


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Has anyone ever skied Schuss Mountain? I haven't and was wondering how it compares to Crystal, Caberfae, and/or Boyne? How challenging is it? Are there a lot of flats (like Crystal)?



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You’re talking about Shanty Creek right? I was there a few years ago, 2004 I think. There are 2 areas of Shanty Creek under 1 lift ticket. One is called Schuss and I don’t remember the name of the other. They are both inside what seems like a massive golf community but are a short drive apart. We did Schuss, the big area, one day and then a few hours at the small area the next day. The small hill looks like it is closed this year according to their website. There are maybe 10 trails at the small one and not really worth your time. The bigger area would compare to Caberfae in number of trails and variety, in my opinion and from what I can remember. There is 1 main hill and almost all the lifts dump up at the top, trails run down all sides so it can get pretty crowded at the top. Then there is another section with a few more trails and separate lift. I don't remember a lot of other specifics about the terrain, it's been too long. Not as big as the Boynes or Nubs. It also felt like a golf resort that managed a ski hill in the off season, not that it was a bad trip or anything, just not the dedication to all the ski stuff you get at those other places. It is nice for a change of scenery and some new trails, plus their tickets are usually a little cheaper. Hope that helps.


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Thanks. My daughter is racing there in a couple of weeks. So, I just wondered what to expect. I am sure it will be fine (plus the lift ticket for the racer & family is really reasonable!) I guess I was hoping it would be larger....

Think Snow!


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Danks response was right on target.

Shanty Creek is not as big as boyne, and the lay out is kind of strange.
They have 2 hills, the main one by the lodge, and a smaller hill just down the rode. They have a free bus system that runs around the massive golf complex if you want to try both hills.

It is a very nice place for a family trip.

With the current really cold air spilling in over the great lakes, they should see a good amount of lake effect snow over the next week, conditions should be just fine when you arrive.