SE Michgian opening


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Alpine Valley, Mt Holly, Mt Brighton, Pine Knob, all are open (Mt Holly on Saturday)

I snowboarded Mt Brighton on Wednesday, it was fast and lots of "whales" to play on near the snow guns. \:D/

Love this time of year as the lift lines are short, the lifts prices are cheep, and it's before THANKSGIVING!!

I see Northern lower Michigan is getting some good lake effect snows today! Most areas up there are opening today also!
Get out and enjoy some early turns!


Lake effect snow showers will continue in favored northwest flow snow belts this morning.


Accumulating lake effect snow showers will continue in typical snow belt areas through this evening.


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Rode Mt Holly on Saturday, beautiful day. Nice to get back on the slopes, really nice to finally take the new board out.
I'm planning on riding Crystal & Cab this coming weekend 8)


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Nice to see the Midwestern forum starting to blossom with new blood and a few dedicated members of the old guard. Welcome, trebron!