Ski Clothes Made In The USA?


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Anybody know of any ski or ride clothing companies that actually manufacture there own stuff in the states?
I'm wanting to get a 'Travel Compact' for some half decent bird photos - I've decided against a bulkier bridge/superzoom camera. The choice seems to be between these three (I dismissed the Panasonic TZ80/90 as I read that the larger sensor pixel count is likely to lead to worse image quality in low light). I read about Nikon A900. Who has Nikon Coolpix A900 review?

My knowledge of cameras is a bit limited so I've been reading reviews but am still unsure which to go for. The Canon has the advantage of a 40x optical zoom over the 30x with the Panasonic. An extra 33% zoom is appealing but does the Canons higher pixel count mean the image quality is likely to drop off more at the maximum zoom? I read that the image quality of the Canon isn't the best - though these comments weren't from birders. Also the canon has no viewfinder (which I understand helps stabilise the camera when zooming in a lot).

So has anyone compared the Panasonic against the Canon, or can advise anyway?

The Nikon A900 has a 35x zoom but again I read that the image quality isn't the best (because of the higher pixel count?)

Lastly, excuse my ignorance, but does having RAW format (Panasonic), allow you to improve image quality post processing (especially if you were cropping)? On the other hand, could the lower pixel count of the Panasonic create problems if you were cropping?

Looking forward to being educated!!