Ski Scene in MWV on Friday 12/21/7


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My tractor-beam is set on skiing in the MWV (Mount Washington Valley, a-la North Conway area) Friday 12/21. Candidates include Wildcat, Black and Cranmore. The later two because I've never been to them before (2 in 1 day, maybe?) Anyhoo, I'm looking to make fresh tracks and am quite enamored over the powder. I don't need big mountain experience, I need another powder fix (kinda addicted and desparate that pow will soon be gone for a while...)

The problem with with Cranmore is their roll-back-the-prices day is Friday. That will probably translate into mob scene would you not think? It usually does.

With Black, I'm concerned they might over-groom everything. A call to Black left me with an unclear response. I heard the word "trail edges" a little too much.

Wildcat, I've always loved, but I'm tempted to pull another "small mountain escapade" - going where there are so few people that I could call my shots anywhere and not have to race a mob to get tracks. I found 12" pow last week with that method.

I probably won't be in the woods, being solo.

Suggestions, please?

(Please don't bring up Attitash, unless you can convince me there will be untracked opportunities) It's a little too predictable for me.

Thank you!