Skiing off-piste for the first time


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Hey guys, first-time poster looking for advice about backcountry skiing.

I've come up to about a year as a skier having first learnt to ski at a UK indoor ski centre called Chill Factore in Manchester at the back-end of last year. Up until now, I've mostly stuck to other indoor centres, however, I'm looking at taking me and my partner away for a ski holiday as a surprise 30th birthday gift.

Ideally, I'd love to find a European ski resort that's great for off-piste skiing as we're both keen adrenaline junkies. Any suggestions on places which you'd recommend? I've done my own research but figured it could hurt to get the opinion of other skiers?

It's a huge leap from indoor skiing to off-piste. I have no idea what snow conditions are inside, but I know the terrain is quite flat compared to real mountains and there's certainly no powder. The obvious answer is take a lesson/hire a guide. But I'd get some mileage on piste first.