Snowbird UT 3/18/2014

Had all the intentions to go to Alta this AM, but, with the storm goin fairly strong, I opted for one of my favorite storm riding areas: Gad 2 @ Snowbird. I do love me some Ballroom and Backside at Alta, but I'm finding myself ever more enamored with the quantity of vertical I get at Snowbird riding high speed quads consistently all day long (now that LC and Gad 2 are now HS Quads). I really feel like I get a TON of skiing in..........

Gadzoom opened right at 9 am. I went straight for Gad 2 and took 5 truly glorious laps underneath the lift, one of my favorite lines @ Snowbird. Lap after there's usually a photographer there, and its always fun to see the photos and face shots afterwards........

After my 5 laps of pretty much untracked massive face shot skiing light Utah 12" powder skiing, I went up LC and headed over to Mineral. In was questionable.....soon as I took Mineral, I noted the top section of Mineral was bulletproof. It was dumbfounding.....the wind last night did something......anyways.......I took the line under the lift and skied an absolute ridiculously sick fat line.....face shots the whole way. Mineral had been open 10 min. The next lap I took was a line I don't ski all that much. The top 1/4th of the run was bulletproof....perplexing...then I started getting into just totally totally untracked lines ....fairly low angle, but very fast (Lone Star). Out of nowhere, I catch an edge on this bulletproof stuff and I go down pretty hard....I'm sliding, trying to put my feet in front of me to stop but given that it was like an ice skating rink.........I was going fairly thing I know I'm headed towards a rock band........then I feel this ...well...imagine getting body slammed onto rocks....thats about how to describe Admin says "if you fall there, it's gonna leave a mark." Well....let me just say it sucked. It still sucks. I was kindof in shock for a while after that.....I've never hitten a rock before.....and let me tell you ......that sh*t HURTS.........anyways.......I tried to man up and ski some more but I think I left a bit of my spirit on that cliff.......

I proceeded to spend the rest of the day over at Gad skied beautifully all afternoon. Skied both Lower and Upper Tiger tail. Pretty much one of the least tracked days I"ve seen in a loong time. It was beautiful. I called it a day at 3:30.....

Rocks sometime suck..............time to go drink that is..


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Super jealous of your day. Broom Closet on Gad II is a great line.

No pics of the cliff?

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Philadendron":1z676ynl said:
Super jealous of your day. Broom Closet on Gad II is a great line.

No pics of the cliff?

No -- it was a piece of the Hamilton Cliffs sticking out...if you've ever been up there in the summer you'll see...Mineral is a huge rockfield....

SnowbirdDevotee":1z676ynl said:
nice report. they reported only 2.5" of snow next door.

SD -- not possible.......they had >12+" @ Alta (see Admin's report)....the Cottonwoods got the goods for sure yesterday....