Snowbird, UT, Jan 21-24, 2023


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I've skied Snowbird, UT for the last four days. It's my first days there this winter. I skied about 40 days at Snowbird last winter from Jan to May. Conditions are better now than anything I experienced at Snowbird last year. The cat tracks are all covered with snow, no gravel. The Cirque Traverse is in good shape too. I skied Great Scott the other day. I didn't ski it once last season because the entrance was always so sketchy. It's been cool and mostly sunny at Snowbird the last four days, some days there was a light dusting of new snow. Here are some photos from Jan 21-24.
Got to ski with two of my adult children on Jan 22:
three on chair sb.jpg

Mineral Basin is pretty hard to beat if you catch it on low crowd days with bright sunshine.
mineral sb.jpg

My son in Elevator Chute, one of many off the Cirque.
scoping inside elevator chute sb .jpg

This is the Cirque Traverse near middle cirque. Great off piste skiing in both directions.
middle cirque jan 2023 sb.jpg

Looking down into Great Scott:
great scott jan 2023 sb.jpg

Pretty Valley view from near the summit of Hidden Peak, elev 11k.
valley reg johnson sb.jpg

Inside the tunnel to Mineral Basin
tunnel poster.jpg

Both of the new tram cars near the mid-point of the line:
both new tram cars sb.jpg

Lower Ski Patrol Gully:
lower ski patrol gully 24 jan 2023.jpg

View of Mt Timpanogos from the gate to Ski Patrol Gully (closed for avi mitigation work) in Mineral Basin:

timp view 23 jan.jpg
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I was back up at Snowbird today, jan 25. My son is kicking my butt. First three runs of the day were North Chute, Hanging Bowl and Elevator Chute. All serious steeps. I skied them ugly, but grew some hair on my old chest.

Entrance to North Chute:
entrance north chute 25 jan 2023.jpg

Powder in Hanging Bowl:
hanging bowl jan 25.jpg

Looking down Elevator Chute:
vince elev chute 25 jan.jpg