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currently have a 2011 Ride Machete 158, which i believe is flat (or possibly slightly cambered between the feet) and then rockered outside the middle. I got the board thinking that I wanted an all mountain board that was good in the park. However, I've realized the only time I spend in the park is a quick roll through to hit some kickers and that my riding now mainly consists of blasting down groomers/high speed carving, riding powder if/when it dumps, and throwing it around in the trees. I was wondering if a new/different board would be better suited for these things.

So I guess my current priorities in a board are: i) fast and stable, ii) good in all conditions (including corduroy, afternoon torn-up-conditions, and ice), iii) fun to mess around with and take through the trees and iv) good in powder.

Budget: since I already have a board and go on one trip a year, I'm trying to find last year's models somewhere around $3-400
Size: 6'0" and 175lb

Given these, I was looking at the 2015 Rossignol One Magtek 159 (I found for <$300) or something from Lib Tech, like the T Rice Pro, but haven't been able find any on sale. Any recommendations on boards and where to find deals?


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The Good Ride has great reviews I've found to be very realistic and helpful. Click on Boards then Free Ride. Your style sounds a lot like mine! T Rice is nice, I've ridden both nose profiles, the last one was a friends, I think 157. Too small for me. The other was maybe 161(?) and much better. I'm similar size to you, I like wider boards, 26.0 waist or wider. Rocker/Camber combos allow snappier turns in tight trees on a longer board compared to old school boards, which give good float in powder. Some carve like a roller coaster, some don't. Some are better in later-in-the-day chop compared to others. Jones Flagship, Never Summer Chairman, Burton Flight Attendant, Yes Pick Your Line, these are all up there in my book. I want to demo a Loaded Algernon but haven't got the chance yet (It is listed as an all mountain, not free ride but I think would be similar). The SnowStix made here in Bend are spendy but I've demoed a several...designed for backcountry, all are good in pow, the asym fish thingy was interesting, carved well too I must say.