I am a Texan who loves Vermont and although the Rockies are closer, I always ride Vermont once a I have made my plans for my son and I at Stowe next week. I have been obsessing over forecasts daily and all this talk of rain and warming is really getting me down...Any locals out there that can report on the actual conditions? The snow report mentioned light snow this morning...Im just lookin' for a bit of reality, because forecasts often only relate to weather in the village or at the base, and the resort reports often downplay any negative weather. PRAY FOR SNOW!


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Too bad you're not 2 weeks ago... it looked pretty schweeeet ! <BR> <BR>(french report, but a LOT of nice pics) <BR><A HREF="" TARGET="_top"></A> <BR> <BR>Actually, I don't have an idea of how bad it is, but after the rain and recent warm weather, I don't expect too much for this weekend (sorry)


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Hey..., that`s my report Frankontour. I`m only joking. <BR> <BR>Nice day in general (Feb 23rd) but forget Starr, Chin Clip, Goat and National in the next few days <BR> <BR>Stupid R@!n and mild temps