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I'm headed out in four days. Can someone give me a description of your snowpack and weather? I know there's been huge dumps within, what?, the last two weeks. Then it dried up and got warmer? Am I anywhere close? From what I can tell it doesn't look like any big storms are in the forecast. Anyone know anything different?

oh, yeah, anyone wanna make some turns? I'll be at Vail, Copper, and A-basin plus a little bc if avy conditions are okay. Don't have any set plans for where I'm going to be when...
It's really hard to know what, if anything, will happen in 4 days... That said, it looks like we will get hit tonight and then again Friday night. It doesn't look epic, but should add some good snow.

The best place to get a snow forecast:


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Thanks for the good weather link CO_knuckle_dragger, that blows away all the sites I have been going to.

Pass along some reports mtngirl, I am going to the same areas as you starting March 3rd, and like to see what you get out there.
Have a safe trip!


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I'm not in Colorado right now, but went out during a similar period of warmish dry weather last year.

Looking at your blog it looks like you have some avy experience. Maybe instead of buying day tickets you could put some of that money into hiring a guide and doing some BC tours in the front range (it doesn't look like they are slated to get more than a couple inches in the next few days). The skiing in the front range wont be epic powder conditions, but with this warm spell and some more stability some pretty good tours are probably starting to come available.

That being said, if lift serve is your thing, maybe try to head to Southern Colorado. Wolf creek is always a fun place to go, same with Monarch, CB or Telluride. The NWS forecast for silverton is calling for over a foot in the next few days. ... 107.64&e=0

Good luck!


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What I'm seeing in forecasts right now is that Sunday and Monday should have snow events which will be perfect timing for you. Enjoy your trip!

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My friend Richard Weinstein was skiing the I-70 areas from Feb. 14-20. Vail/Beaver Creek were much better than the Summit County areas.