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This is repulsive. that is all I have to say.
This is a multi resort report for the Western PA/ SouthWest New York Area.

From the South end of it all I am sitting in Pittsburgh thinking that it is time to move. Seven Springs and Hidden Valley: (friends reports) Are looking forward to a VERY rouch weekend. At Seven Springs coverage is very thin and getting worse by the minute. There are bare spots everywhere and if what my buddy told me is right they may (rumor) not be open this coming weekend!?!?!? I don't know if this is a true statement but it is bad news. Hidden Valley does not have as good of snowmaking as Seven Springs so I bet it is worse there.

Peek 'N Peak was Ok last weekend but was starting to thin out. There was some glacial grade ice in places but overall not bad. Wisp was nice and firm but not icy and the features on Catapult were OK. The Meadow was a glacier however. This run is normally a decent blue with a few intersperced trees. On Sunday it was skiing liek a black with beginners and intermediate skiers strewn all over the place like one giant yard sale.

Holliday Valley and Holimont were holding on as of Monday but who knows what this week will bring. Much of the weather reports for I-80 north are nights below freezing. North of the NY boarder it should be cold enough at night to make a bit of snow and not get too warm during the day. For Pittsburgh area it is another story. We here are looking at a week or more of 40's and rain. If this happens we are hosed...


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Ryan":2qv2a02a said:
From the South end of it all I am sitting in Pittsburgh thinking that it is time to move...

I am sure that a few of my co-workers (Snow haters) might be willing to treat places.

This said, we got rain twice during the Holidays (23 and 31, I think), not sure waht the impact of the last rain/freezing rain on the ski hill. Conditions were great for a Christmas break (better than last year), however I haven't ski since the 29th. Skiing on Wednesday night (freezing rain forecast).


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It has been a long time since I heard rumors of one of the resorts down here possibly closing in the middle of the season until the snow returns. This is out of hand. So does anyone know of a company looking to hire a computer analyst up north or out west? :wink: