Swiss Alps - 1/7/03



I've been meaning to drop a report about what the snow is like in the Alps but I haven't had the time.  So here's the short version of the current situation... <BR> <BR>In the Berner Oberland there is currently skiable snow down around 1300 meters.  The weather is well below freezing this week and I'd imagine that villages below that line will be filling in the brown spots with McSludge.  Skiing above 1500 meters was fantastic last weekend with about 30-50 cm falling on Friday/Saturday in the high peaks.  I'm hoping the cold snap we are having will bring the skiing down to 1000 meters. <BR> <BR>In the south, the big resorts like Zermatt, Crans Montana and Saas Fee are in really good shape with 2-3 feet in the villages.  The big 2000 meter descents in Zermatt from the Little Matterhorn must be great right now, but I don't have any first-hand info.  I do know there is at least one Super Saint Bernard fan lurking around on the list and I they will be happy to know that there is more snow in the France/Switzerland/Italy border area that there was all last year.  I was there 2 weekend ago and had great conditions.  Anyone going to Chamonix *needs* to day trip to Super Saint Bernard. <BR> <BR>The Engadin (St Moritz, et al.) in the south west is the most snow starved at the moment but still in not too bad of shape from what I hear.  I've found a place in that region that I might need to visit this winter, Diavolezza.  The resort base is over 2000 meters and there is a 10k off-piste descent via a glacier.  How long is the vallee blanche? 15k? <BR> <BR>Here's the map: <A HREF="" TARGET="_top"></A> <BR> <BR>Anybody want to join me? <BR> <BR>think snow, <BR>Jon