Targhee March 20, 2023--best trail names of all time


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This is the day Tony took a sick day--meaning a physical health day. I rode Dreamcatcher to the top first thing to check out the depth of the Targhee pow. The snow was sublime and ankle deep but the cloud layer was a little vertigo-inducing.

It seemed like the right time to try the new Colter lift they put in where it used to be a cat skiing sector, lookers right of Sacajawea. I traversed the Colter ridge and felt compelled to ski Beaver Dicks. I appreciate a good trail name, and always measure against what I consider the most cleverly named trail of all time : Bark Sandwich at Blackcomb. The top was a nice snow coat on mini bumps until I got to a crustier altitude and went in the trees, where it skied well lower down. This is a picture of Beaver Dicks tree spacing—what’s not to love? The runs on Colter are long too.
IMG_9104a-Beaver Dicks trees.JPG

I wanted a cruiser, so I headed for the other clever trail name I'd seen for the first time on the map, Screaming Cheetah. Once again the Targhee marketing department outdid themselves! The first Screaming Cheetah sign I found led to a sort of natural area parallel to PRT, not much pitch unless you came into it from the trees. My next lift ride was with a patroller, so I asked him where the tree entry was. He said this was a place the lifties liked to escape on their breaks, and to take Dreamweaver and go in on the right from the start of Shadow Woman. He also said Colter was to give the resort some steep groomers, and I agreed with him that pod was a great addition to the inbounds. Instead of going right from Dreamweaver I mistakenly went right from Shadow Woman, a trail that I thought was better without going into the woods.

I rode the chair with some people who recommended Blackjack on the opposite end of Targhee for pristine conditions like the top, without the cloud. I decided I should get there instead of a 3rd try hitting the Screaming Cheetah. There were some signs noting when you passed the groomed area as you head towards the boundary on that side, and it did have plenty of unsullied routes.

A good day poking around the woods!

Anyone have thoughts on more best trail names?
Telluride cannot have Coonskin as a trail/lift name anymore? Been there since opening day in 1972.

But Targhee gets Beaver Dicks?? I am going to complain to Corporate.....

I might as well complain to Vail Corporate about Devil's Crotch at Breck and Glory Hole at Park City.

We can take all the fun out of trail naming. :)
Anyone have thoughts on more best trail names?
When I was in 3rd or 4th grade my family skied one day at Mt. Snow which had a trail called "The Jaws of Death." (I just checked the trail map and it appears the run has been renamed "Jaws.") I don't remember if we skied past a sign or if I found it on the trail map, but I do remember I really wanted to ski it and did not get to. I never returned to Mt. Snow, so for all I know "The Jaws of Death" might be a little piece of La Grave in Southern Vermont.
Anyone have thoughts on more best trail names?
On the official trail map? Or can they be on the locals trail map (and Fat Map) like the Extremes trail map for Crested Butte (which has several great names)? Such gems as Body Bag glade, Pygmy Spears, wildly inappropriate No Fat Chicks Traverse, etc...