Termas de Chillan 8/18-8/25, 2006


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8 sunny days. Mild temperatures. Good base depths even on the lower mountain. You really didn't want to go out before 11:00 since the whole place set up every night and the chatter would shake the fillings out of your teeth. The racers also had many of the groomed pistes closed off until early afternoon so it wasn't a place to be if you were looking for immaculate groomers. Usually, it was glorious from 1:00 to 4:30 though we had one day where nothing softened all day. The top T-bar was snowed in and they hadn't dug it out by the time we left. The south face off-piste and beyond the ski area boundary from the Don Otto double stayed midwinter conditions for most of my trip but even that got crispy by the end.

Our original plan was to ski Termas de Chillan for 6 days and then head back to Santiago and do a few days day tripping at Valle Nevado and La Parva. We opted to stay at Termas for 8 instead and did the tourist thing in Santiago rather than head up to Valle Nevado.