The winder of our discontent, WI / MN


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I want to appologose to everyone for the radio silence. I broke my wrist in January, snowboarding. And I typed enough with my work, so I wasn't really in the mood to look into openigns and such. <BR> <BR>Anyhow, I'm back, and I've been looking for places around here to go riding. And, surprise surprise, most everywhere is gone fishing. <BR> <BR>Coffee Mill, Closed. <BR>Steeplechase, Closed. <BR>Frontenac, Closed. <BR> <BR>We had a rainstorm on President's day, and the whole region seems to have melted. <BR> <BR>There are some places open, however, but rider / skiier beware. <BR> <BR>Mt.Lacrosse is open, but I just got back from there. It's an ice hill. It's really hard to turn when there's no snow to turn on. But they goomed it, last night, before it rained. So new it's frozen corduroy. <BR> <BR>Afton Alps is open, as of the 6th. <BR> <BR>Mount Kato is open, but their tubing area is not Oh, darn, that means we can only snowboard and ski there...) <BR> <BR>Hyland is staying open until the 17th. Which is a recurring theme it seems. <BR> <BR>Cascade is open until the 17th, or the 23rd, depending if you believe their message or their web page. In fact, the larger ski areas seems to have escaped the rain, or at least been able to deal with it better. <BR> <BR>Welsh Village is good to go, for example. They've got a lot of stuff open. Lutsen is also open up north, and they're rumored to be getting more snow. If you're jonesing for snow, they may be your best bet through April. <BR> <BR>More in Wisconsin, a lot of the smaller places are suffering from bad weather. Christie Mt. is still holding hte winter carnival on the 16-17th, however. Trollhaugen is closing the 10th, I think. Their web site isn't too specific. <BR> <BR>All told, you've got about 2 weeks from now to get out there and get into the snow. Me? I've got myself wrist guards now, and I'm going to get as much in as I can. 2 months of nothing, then 2 months of injury... 4 months of snowboarding crammed into 8 days isn't too much, is it? <BR> <BR>-Rob "Tyger" Rubin