Upload Pics vs. Photo Storage Websites


This is the first time i realized that you can post a photo here without having to use a photo storage site.
You never needed a photo storage site to post on FTO or other forums. They're supremely unhelpful because once a) the site stops operating for whatever reason (many have) or b) you stop paying the monthly subscription fee, the pix you've posted are unlinked and poof, they're gone. It's really bad on the German site Alpinforum where people include dozens of fantastic photos for each report that are linked to storage sites. The screenshot below is what they end up looking like -- an entire post filled with placeholders and the message "the photo does not exist anymore." A real buzzkill.

To be fair, with the previous clunky forum interfaces (before the conversion to the current one XenForo), it was far from ideal to upload pix as there were size limits and other annoyances; however, at least once you posted the photos, they were usually there for good.

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There is an XF add-on that lets you import all storage site images in one click.

LMK if you are interested.


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I keep getting error messages: "You have reached the maximum limit for attachment uploads. Please try again later."

Generally, I thought there was a 30+ photo max per post. Now I cannot upload anything - besides 2/3 photos. Did I use up my storage?