Where are all the posts, anyway? Does anyone use this?!


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Yes, they do...but not in the current Liftlines format. Let me explain.

Back in early August 2004, a database corruption brought down our Liftlines BBS. We toiled endlessly in an attempt to discover the cause and the fix, to no avail, therafter turning to the creator of the CGI script used to create and maintain Liftlines. Alas, the creator seemed to have little motivation to solve our problems, and the boards remained hopelessly broken. :oops:

The bad news: We lost over 5,000 current and archived postings to the Lift Corral forum of Liftlines. We're still trying to recover them, but we're not holding out hope any longer. What's left of those postings may be viewed here:

http://www.firsttracksonline.com/discus ... 1095863632

Edit Sept. 28, 2004: We've managed to recover everything through June 4, 2004! Whew!

The good news: We're back, and better than ever. New features provided by the new Liftlines platform enable users to control their experience more than ever before. Start posting away, it's time to rebuild the best ski and snowboard online discussion groups on the Internet!

Let us know what you think about the new format -- a poll has been set up as a sticky atop the "Eastern North America" forum of The Lift Corral.