Wheres the snow?!?!?!!?


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It's been a long time since we have had a good amount of snow in SE Lower Michigan, and the same holds true for the rest of lower Michigan (not sure about the UP)
We have been lucky so far, to not have any BIG January thaw, so the snow guns are doing their job keeping things open.
Heck this is the first time in 4 or 5 years Mt Brighton had the challenge and silver chair open.
So even tho it's been fairly snow free, the cold temps have helped keep things alive.

There is some hope that by the end of Jan into early Feb some snows should return. I hope so, as I have 5 nights planned for skiing superbowl weekend, I might make up to Mt Bohemia is the snow is good.

A Quick and good little summary from the NWS

Think snow!


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mikesathome":3a3fmva6 said:
I might make up to Mt Bohemia is the snow is good.

Not that I'll be making it there any time soon, but I've heard good things about that place. Would love to see a TR with your perspective of it and some pics.


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Yeah, i was just starting to get a little worried about the snow myself. Got a trip up to Boyne planned for the last weekend of Jan. Seems like it's been a bit dry this month so far. But I'll take just about whatever I can get this year, haven't even made it to one of the lower MI mole hills.

As for Bohemia, I keep wanting to get up there too. It's just such an out of the way place, hard to justify the drive.


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Yea, the boyne's and nubs are still lacking, no good snow since Early Jan, they are about 80% open right now.
I am hoping some of this weest coast energy can make it up here, and stay cold enough

Yes it sure is hard to justify the drive for me also. It's about 11hours for me, and I could be in VT in 12hours.
I want to catch it right before or after a storm, so hoping Superbowl weekend can bring me some lake effect or something!


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Well, i'll be up the weekend before superbowl weekend, so i'm hoping for snow sooner than that, like this weekend. Regardless, i'll get a TR up to give you an idea of the conditions.