Whitetail, PA: 1/16/05


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Just got back from a day trip to whitetail. The conditions were surprisingly good given they've only had a couple days of snowmaking to start from scratch. All the greens were open (didn't go on any of them), a few blues, and one black. The blues and black were really nice and bumpy by 11ish am. Especially on the black they were great to just hop on and get some air, or really ski them right if you want a nice workout. I didn't go in the small terrain park, but the big one was okay, alot of rails, not tons of jumps but enough (I don't like rails, but if you do they had some pretty nice ones). Of course they were blowing snow all day which was kind of annoying, my goggles could really use windsheild wipers, but thats to be expected on a day like today. There really weren't any more then a few small ice patches and very few slush patches until 6ish pm when the ice patches started getting bigger and bigger so we left around 7. Just be careful getting there and back, alot of black ice on the windy country roads leading up to the mountain, on the way there (around 8:30 am) we saw one suv on the side of the road with a shattered rear windshield and a few gashes in his car, and the light on our car that said stability control went on 4 or 5 times.