Why buying AT anything in E. coast ski shops is sketchy


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After many years I decided to buy new boots and some fat skis. Yes This should go in that forum, but not many go there. Bought Soloman Quest130 pro's as they fit my hard to fit feet and are lighter than my old Endorphins. And picked up Head Kore 117"s for the deep days. Marker tour F12 on my Wagners and Fritchi pro bindings on the Heads. I get there and they took off the Vibram soles on the boots. Said they won't work with the bindings. I just took everything and left. Put the lugged soles back on. Going to Stowe to have them adjusted, but WTF. If you sell this stuff you should probably know how to adjust them, and know what an AT binding is. OY.

Tony Crocker

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kingslug":3co9q38h said:
Yes This should go in that forum, but not many go there.
Sorry, I'm overruling that. It's a gray area whether this is an equipment post or an eastern post, but it's certainly not a western post.

Forum categories with unread posts are highlighted, so readers do know if there's a new post.

I chose "Equipment" because this is probably a city-vs.-ski town issue more than an east-vs.-west issue. SoCal has seen a precipitous decline in specialty ski shops over the past 2+ decades. Furthermore the Sport Chalet chain, which began as a ski centric shop in La Canada in 1959, went bust in spring 2016. Vestis Retail Group, which closed Sport Chalet, also owned Eastern Mountain Sports and sold it out of the bankruptcy to Sports Direct International.

In general, when we need to visit a ski shop, we do it at Mammoth.