Wild Mountain, Minn. opens today


26 degrees in the backyard this morning, our first hard frost of the season and the latest in 47 years. This has been a very weird week for weather here in the upper midwest. We had a couple of days of 50mph+ winds, 7 inches of snow in Duluth, and barometric pressures consistent with a cat-3 hurricane (supposedly the lowest ever recorded anywhere inland in the continental U.S.).

Rumor has it the strong la nina means increased chances of below-average temps and above-average precip for the region this winter. This, combined with record-high surface temps for Lake Superior this past summer have some of the regional snow enthusiasts suggesting we may be in for a good year for abundant lake-effect in da U.P.

Here are a few NOAA pics from Grand Marais, MN earlier this week where the surf was definitely up.