Wilderness First Aid Book Recommendation?


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Wilderness First Aid Book Recommendation?

I'm looking for a good wilderness medicine book to read while on an extended trip. I recognize it's not a substitute for hands-on training, but I'll have extensive downtime and this is my current area of interest. To short-circuit comments about experiental training, I wholeheartedly agree and am engaging in said courses.

I've recently completed a WFA course and expect to take the Advanced WFA course. My career commitments prevent me from moving to WFResponder or EMT training due to the length of commitment. I'm not a medical professional.

Given that, what is the best book to take along? The books that seem to keep coming up are:

Medicine for Mountaineering - Wilkerson

Medicine for the Backcountry - Tilton and Hubble (seems to just reiterate most of the training I've already had.)

Paul Auerbach, an ER doc has written a few, from brief to textbook:
1. Medicine for the Outdoors , 535pp -maybe too lightweight?
2. Field Guide To Wilderness Medicine, 944 pp $34 - maybe?
3. Wilderness Medicine, 2336pp, $167 - a tome, probably better suited for the Emergency room library?

What do you recommend?