Wintergreen VA 11/26-27


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Early Sat morning, conditions started out great. Nice and cold weather made for some good fluffy man made snow. They only had one slope open (green - upper/lower dobie), not sure why they didn't open eagle, but starting this early this far south was a blast. They had nice mounds even after grooming from snowmaking, and you could get some nice air off of them.

On Sunday (today) the skiing was good in the morning, they opened up a blue, eagles swoop which was fun, almost steep down the inside. It got really warm, and bare spots came up pretty quick, but it was fun skiing in a tshirt. After the first few hours it got gross and slushy, with cover so bad on eagle I went back to the greens for a few hours where they had some better conditions before leaving mid day.

All in all - much to be thankful for, any skiing this early was worth it!