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Non-Skiing Lifts - Disney Skyliner

Postby EMSC » Wed Oct 23, 2019 1:46 pm

No idea if many of you have heard about all the gondolas being built in cities or in this case at Disney in Orlando. Seems that Dumping buses and rails is the new thing (huge multi stage gondola systems are already running in places like La-Paz Bolivia with 8 lines and 25 stations).

Disney has also jumped on the bandwagon with 3 gondola lines and 5 stations (all 3 lines come together at one huge "grand central" style station). The system just opened in late September 2019. I happened to be getting Disney'd last weekend and used 2/3 of the system at night. The system was super efficient to use, IMO. Though where the attachments to the parks were didn't always make the most sense.

I think Disney will be happy to hear the comments from the one time I rode with people I didn't know. A family with stroller-usage sized kids. "These are so much better than buses, why can't they just replace all the buses with these things". (direct quote of the Dad). There were also significant crowds using them that night as each of the parks they are connected to were letting out. Not sure how much daytime use they are getting though.

At any rate thought it was tangentially ski-ish related given the gondola's origination. BTW the lifts at Disney have no branding by the maker (only Disney branding), which is Doppelmayr.

Some specs:
10pac cabins with wooden seats and Disney character wraps.
Just under 300 Gondola Cabins (I rode in #276 at one point)
>6 miles of cables

early am walk past while going into Hollywood Studios

crowds getting on as the park closes

nearly empty central station (2 of the 3 lines visible as I stand in the line for the 3rd gondola)

Close up of a few cabins on the 'Epcot' line
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