Epic & Ikon Insurance: CA/VT closed

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Re: Epic & Ikon Insurance: CA/VT closed

Postby flyover » Mon Feb 15, 2021 5:37 pm

tseeb wrote:For anyone who used pass over 6 days last year, the credit was 20%.

To make a planned 2020 spring break trip to Whistler affordable, we bought Epic local passes last season and skied 6 times at Afton Alps, a local molehill with less than 400 vertical feet, and a day pass that cost $50 last year. Here's the text of my final email to the mothership after all the back and forth with Vail's almost nonexistent customer service over the spring, summer and into the fall of 2020:

First you closed Whistler, thereby denying us use of our passes for a planned vacation last season when case counts were very low compared to now or likely anytime this coming winter. You then calculated a proposed "credit" of 20% based on the entirely false equivalency that a few hours at Afton Alps are worth the same as an entire day at one of your premier mountain resorts such as Vail or Whistler. Then you required us to redeem this “credit” by purchase of passes for a season in which no one in their right mind would consider setting foot inside a ski lodge or riding in a gondola. You are a bunch of thieves and my family and I will never spend another dime at any Vail resort anywhere.

I know, I know...pissing in the wind.
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Re: Epic & Ikon Insurance: CA/VT closed

Postby tseeb » Sat Mar 13, 2021 3:49 pm

Santa Clara County, CA where my wife and I live was under a stay-at-home order from 10 PM on 12/6 until 1/25 which exceeded the 30 days during core season required for a Vail personal event refund. I had reservations Vail Tahoe resorts for Dec. that I canceled because my wife said she did not want me to return home if I went. I finally went Jan. 6-8 and did not go inside anywhere besides family cabin that had not been used for a couple of months. Upon returning, I stayed in downstairs bedroom while my wife was upstairs and eventually got tested, received negative results and returned to sharing a bed. (This happened on our anniversary which was also the day we learned we both had received placebo during study and received our first vaccine that afternoon.)

I also skied 1/25-27 and 6 days in Feb. and 7 days so far in March so I have 19 days on my $369 (after 20% credit for early 19-20 closure due to COVID) Senior Tahoe Value Pass. On 2/24, 29 days after our County came out of stay-at-home and using online request form, I requested refund of my wife's unused $309 Tahoe Value Pass (after 44% off since she only skied 3 days in 2019-20) as I didn't want to wait after 30 days from personal event and miss deadline for requesting refund. They said to watch my junk mail as they may need more info and that refunds had been taking 4 weeks. Surprisingly, refund check (in her name, of course) arrived for the amount I paid for my wife's pass today, 10 days after I requested refund.

Now not sure if we will come out ahead on refund although they are supposed to also carryover 44% credit towards next year's pass. This past week my wife skied 2 days at Kirkwood and 1 at Heavenly on Buddy tickets for a total of $268 plus we did not have direct to lift benefit of a pass. There were no lines at ticket window, but it meant both of us had to go out of our way to get ticket activated each day. If conditions and weather are favorable, I will buy her a ticket for Kirkwood's closing day of 4/11 (they have extended a week), then we would go to Squaw and Mammoth on next year's Ikon which is valid at both areas beginning 4/12.
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Re: Epic & Ikon Insurance: CA/VT closed

Postby DegraZZation » Thu Mar 25, 2021 11:02 am

I blame myself for not taking advantage of it!
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