Eldora, CO 3-11-18

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Eldora, CO 3-11-18

Postby EMSC » Mon Mar 12, 2018 11:41 am

Sneaky good.

Not a lot of good snow in Colorado the past couple of weeks, but the resorts right along the divide/Summit picked up several inches Fri night and Saturday. For Eldora that would be 5" of moderate density snow that skied surprisingly decently. Not a real pow day, and with warm temps for a couple of days last week there was a scratchy turn or two at the bottom each run, but generally speaking the snow was in good shape for most of the terrain and surprisingly soft if you looked for the right places to go. That said you better watch out on the last 1/4 of Westridge run where it is still quite thin in areas.

Jr was in his race training and I was skiing by myself. There were just enough people to require you to wait 10 or so chairs on Corona and thus buddy up with others. I continue to be surprised by the numbers of folks skiing Eldora for the first time. On this day mostly from Denver area being lazy with the drive due to the spring forward clock change. I had 4 backside runs including a super-G down an empty Corona itself in the morning. Then followed that up with a whole bunch of runs on the steeps in the afternoon. I counted ~20.5K of vert from 9:15 to 2:45 with a 45 minute lunch break. Finished off the day with two cruiser runs on Alpenhorn (backside) and Labelle on the front.

Not only were the lines small, I was shocked at how few people were skiing the steeps this weekend. much of the time you could stand and wait a minute or two (at least) before another person came along at all. That really helped keep my skiing options nice and soft and is something I have not seen in years on that terrain when it is open (not since Eldora joined in on the multi-resort passes).

So despite a bad snow year Eldora is getting super lucky to be on the better side of things being near the divide, as well as getting well timed snowfalls that keep it skiing surprisingly decently for the weekends when the crowds show up.

Sorry for no action pics. There was no one around to take a pic of on the steeps...

the 6 pack really makes a difference to getting on the hill fast.

Relatively early in Salto Glade. Sort of power and chowder

just before finishing up on the backside steeps. The run in the distance is Muleshoe.
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