Eldora, CO 3-3-19

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Eldora, CO 3-3-19

Postby EMSC » Mon Mar 04, 2019 12:49 pm

Big snow. Official report was 13", but snowed after reporting time and all day.

Sort of glad I didn't have to deal with I70 mess and sort of wish I had more expansive terrain to ski for such a big storm. Jr had his home ski race of the season at Eldora though, so no second thoughts on where we were going.

The volume of people on the limited amount of terrain at Eldora means most everything is skis out in the first hour. You really have to know some spots to go now a days. And even then Eldora has been multi-mountain long enough that several of those are no longer hidden - they've been found by the hordes.

That said, I still had some good runs and hit the jackpot on Salto Glade early with nice face shots. By the time the Corona lift line became literally unbearable I had to head back to watch the race anyway. It snowed all day, lightly in the morning, but prob ~1"/hour in the afternoon. I was able to mix in some nice hidden spots occasionally through the day surrounding the race. fortunately the race was a dual stubby SL on Chute - the training trail. Still some big ruts with all the new snow, but much better to deal with than a race on a top to bottom trail.

I didn't get any action pics. I was laser focused on getting what goods I could early in the morning.

snow kitties had just hit the beginner zone just before opening bell.

Lift line just before opening. Note there are lift pens on BOTH sides of the lift.


Corona lift line. This is officially the largest lift line I have ever seen at Corona chair.

This is the singles line at Corona chair continuing way up the trail.

Upper Ambush - I have never seen this many people skiing this trail all at the same time.



Jr's second ever time on West Ridge double diamond... (after race was done)

And Jr's first time ever in Moose Glade

Though he still has a long way to go to learn powder skiing.
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Re: Eldora, CO 3-3-19

Postby jamesdeluxe » Mon Mar 04, 2019 1:03 pm

The last time I skied Eldora was 1985, I believe. I was skiing the same beginner terrain as Junior. Hard to imagine it "overrun by hordes."
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