Kirkwood 3/2/2021

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Kirkwood 3/2/2021

Postby tseeb » Wed Mar 03, 2021 8:54 am

My quickest drive of the year at 3 hrs 10 min.
Sunrise over Sierra before my gas stop at Tracy. A lot of people going the wrong way.
I got on Timber Creek at 9:15 and skied Cornice twice. I started with Zachary’s, the main E/NE-facing groomer that skied well. I tried Lookout Janek, but it needed the firm groomed surface to be broken up so I cut over and finished on Zachary’s, then moved to the Reut. I got a little low heading to chair 2 and had to traverse across some firm N-facing to get to chair 2. I went to and rode Backside 5 times in the morning, starting with main groomer Elevator Shaft.
Elevator Shaft to left, Hully Gully to right of lift.
They also groomed Hully Gully, which was my favorite run of the day and a path to looker’s left below Covered Wagon Peak which would require a hike to get to.
There was a lot of sun early, but some clouds and wind moved in before noon.
Before noon is also when I had beer I had ditched in snow near bottom of Sunrise lift
I exited area via Thunder Saddle/Two Man Chute where probably sun-affected entry had some firm snow. The Chute was better but still had to ski it cautiously.

Not sure if I took a lap on Reut, but I know I then skied Cornice 7 more times skiing very good Sentinel a couple of times, not as good ungroomed and a little too firm Olympic once, then Janek where left edge had some great skier-moved snow two or three times and Zachary’s at least once. I moved to the Wall which never had more than 10 skiers on run or lift all day. Entrance and big moguls at top were better than expected, but rest of run was way too firm.My second time down I wanted to cut across to get above top of Reut to return to Backside, but it was so scary firm that I wasn’t sure I could hold an edge and ended up traversing barely above top of Reut lift.
I returned to Backside which was still great and nearly empty, skiing gully past Cold Shoulder where right/N-facing side had great snow and Hully Gully. I returned to front using chair 2 and skied W-facing Caples Crest runs twice before exiting on Whiskey to Reut chair. I rode Cornice a few more times. The only mistake was taking E-facing Monte Wolf
which looked good from the Reut, but either was last groomed a day or two before or had softened and already re-frozen as it was firm and not smooth. I quit at 3:15 with over 35K, my highest since skiing with late Bill Handley at Fernie more than three years ago.
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