Eldora, CO - March 2021

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Eldora, CO - March 2021

Postby EMSC » Tue Mar 30, 2021 10:56 am

Well all my days in March other than the big powder storm mid month anyway.

A second solid month in a row. With another ~5 feet of snowfall for the month. Eldora had several just under a foot storms as well as many days of 1-4" as well. Surfaces were generally good, though the first week of March was warmer than normal and created a couple of spots of refrozen underneath. However things stayed winter like after that even through the last weekend of the month with only a few exceptions (some of the east facing parts of the front side and one or two random spots like upper ambush that had more moderate underlying iciness). I got lucky for the final weekend in that snow fell much of the week and then a cloud hid the sun much of the day making it chilly (32F at noon), and then the sun only cam out for an hour which was not quite long enough to soften the steeper terrain before more high clouds until after 3p at which point I was winding my ski day down and didn't care about softening by then. Yes, the steeps had virtually no one on them despite having quite good soft winter snow. And yes the snow was that good/soft that I cared. Heck I was skiing an ok amount of dense from settling ~foot deep in some random spots that few know about. A big warm up shall occur later this week so everything will have turned spring by then anyway. Skiing has been more like the 'old days' since the 20 something year old hordes out of Boulder have been unable to flex and come up to Eldora without long standing reservations. So, many fewer are skiing the steeps and good stuff most weeks this year.

In general I've been only getting upper teens K worth of vertical on my ski days due to needing to check in on my son in the racing program (with no indoor warming up, or snacks/water, etc... I run back to the front side and watch him for a bit once or twice per ski day which burns through some time. Eldora was parking in the North/upper lot through this past weekend, so no real let-up yet in the numbers of skiers. I wonder will that change now that Copper and Winter Park have removed parking/reservations systems? Eldora just removed all weekday reservations but still requires weekend parking reservations.

March 7 - Upper Ambush: Always take skiers left (note how thin it is in center of the trail)

March 21 - Corona. Started sunny with an upslope storm incoming

March 21 - we had 7 'last run before it clouds over'. This one is at the merge of Alpenhorn and Wolf Tongue

March 21 - Another up-slope snow finally starts, which is always a good thing at Eldora

March 28 - Salto Glade with lots of soft and no skiers

March 28 - More Salto with literally no one to get an action shot of

March 28 - even a small bit of wind sift in spots like top of West Ridge

March 28 - Sun baked 4pm tear down of the training courses
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