men's moguls breakdown

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men's moguls breakdown

Postby joegm » Sun Feb 19, 2006 1:29 pm

As far as the men:
I thought the order should have been:
Dale begg smith for the gold
Marc andre moreau (4th) for the silver
And the unknown swedish kid jesper bjoernlund for the bronze
With dawson and mikko too close to call for 4th and 5th
DALE: I found bloom?s post race comments telling?. He kind of hinted that even if he skied his best, the best he was gonna do was silver.. implying to me that he felt no one was gonna beat dale with the run he put down, and I agree with that . the first time I saw this guy ski , I just knew there was something different about his turns, and if you watch him over and over on film, you can see it. I think dales , ( problem????? ) is that like nbc trace Worthington points out ( more on him later ) dale makes it look to easy, and therefore , to some, may not look like he is really attacking . in 98 I thought johnny was the best mogul skier I had ever seen ( not because of the jumps but the turns.. then in 2002 I thought it was travis mayer ( who I thought also had a very good run in italy btw ) ? right now I think dale is the greatest mogul skier I have ever seen. I don?t think anyone even comes close.
TOBY AND MIKKO : my problem with dawson?s run and mikko?s run was that if you look at it closely , they both got bucked around a little in the middle on the last 15 turns before the jump. I am who values turns the most in the sport. There seems to have been a push in the last 6 years towards speed ( the fins ) and the airs ( the Americans ) . those things are all great , but I think the powers that be have it right by putting 50% on the turns. I hope it stays that way. I think there reaches a point where the speed just cannot allow a perfect turn. I think janne is / has become a victim of that approach. And please don?t take this as a criticism of janne and the fins. I love watching those guys. If anyone is emmintely unqualified to be a critic , it?s me. I?m just giving my sorry ass bumpers opinion
MOREAU AND BJOERNLUND: the reason I saw they should have medaled is the same reason why I bumped mikko and toby, the turns. They both skied it about 1 .5 seconds slower than T and M but I think they made better turns. I anyone taped in live , go back and look at it in slowmo. If not check it out on skidebosses.
RANDOM MUSINGS: 1) did anyone catch dawson?s comments after the Qualifying run. The jist was they were asking him about skiing the different line he took and he said something about how only a few skiers could ski the line he skied ( he used janne as and example ) and said the line ? showed off the carved turn ? and then said ? the sliders ? couldn?t ski it. I?m interested in the opinions of the crew here on those comments, especially from double D as my buddy?s and I have been talking/ arguing/ debating a lot about the idea of the rotary turn ( is that a slider? ) that DD talks about in his book. John smart has always advocated to us that bumpers do in fact ? carve their turns ? - they just do it a lot quicker.
2) I think it?s time for Trace Worthington :roll: to go.. and Steve Pedrorski :shock: and go too. I think trace makes some good point , but I think too often he contradicts himself. He seems to constantly talk about how the judges may not like the guys who skis the run ? too slow? ( generally about 1 to 2 seconds slower. ) and also seems to be really hung up on jumps. His specialty was aerials I believe. Shouldn?t Trace know that turns are still 50% of the mark. Of course he knows this?maybe DD or anyone else could explain to my, who has never competed in a scored bump contest, if time is a non subjective score, how would it in any way be able to affect what a turn judge or an air judge gives for a mark. As far as pedrorski, I think he sounded like his dog just got run over when dale came across the finish line.
3) trace worthington really bugs me when he talks about how this guy or girl is not being helped by thier mogul marking knee pads. in 2002 i found it real aggravting the number of people ( men and women ) who didn't wear mogul pants. johnny mo was guilty as charged. this year , trace went on and on about how kari traa said she was sick of mogul pants and that's why she went with plain white pants. ( i think kari is the best female bumper of all time , but i was not broken up she didn't win with an attitude like that.. i think that not wearing high profile pants in bumps is a little bit of trickery that shouldn't happen. again it all goes back to the idea that i think the sport is mostly about turns. it was interesting though, that it seemed like every single person in the men's had on high profile pants after the trend seemed to be moving away from them in the last few years. imo, it should be mandated. my extreme position should be that the pants should all be the same with yellow bases and black knee patches on the white snow, just like the ones the swedish kid jesper had on. but i think a more realistic postion should be maybe 3 or 4 options to pick from but all with high profile contrasts. kari traa's pant's that she wore should not be allowed.
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