Eldora, CO Feb 16-17, 2020

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Eldora, CO Feb 16-17, 2020

Postby EMSC » Mon Feb 17, 2020 9:39 pm

Salad Days

Or powder days, really. After huge storms last week filled the place in, the snow has kept going fortunately. Report was 2" Sunday morning, but reality was 4-5" except the lower half of the frontside at the prescribed 2". It continued to lightly snow though only an inch or so accumulated during the day. More snow overnight brought the Monday 24hr total up to 9" on top of that. The Sunday snow was on the denser side with temps in the upper 20's to near 30F. But ti cooled down a bit with highs only in the mid-20's on Monday for some spectacular skiing.

Jr had race training on Sunday but was able to ski a couple of runs on the steeps with me after. Today we had to do a late start, but the skiing was so nice and some decent leftovers if you knew where to look. With sunshine and just a couple flurries with clouds still over the divide. Supposedly a couple more inches tonight and possibly again wed night. Eldora skiing doesn't get much better than it is right now. Surfaces are excellent, hardly any rocks or logs to find anymore, etc... Even things like lower Moose glade, which is rarely open, are open and with great snow (of course only a tiny handful of folks even know where I'm talking about).

Jr did a full set of steeps runs with me today: Upper Ambush, Moose, Salto, West Ridge, Gully Glade, Pillows (not on trail map). Super fun to see him doing well on those. Though he did mange to fall and lose a ski for a minute or two in the Pillows. We skied all the way to closing bell today.

Of course the parking fills early and there are some occasional lift lines. Will be super interesting to see how crowded the lines are next year when they should have more parking spaces.
Sunday - Salto
Sunday - singles line goes way up the trail in mid morning
Sunday - IP liftline
Sunday - Race training must go on
Sunday - Moose glade
Sunday Moose Glade
Monday - Upper Ambush
Monday - Corona still uber soft at 1pm
Monday - Moose glade
Monday - lower Moose
Monday - West Ridge
Monday - in the Pillows
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Re: Eldora, CO Feb 16-17, 2020

Postby jamesdeluxe » Tue Feb 18, 2020 1:18 pm

Looks better than what I did yesterday -- did you have the holiday off?
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Re: Eldora, CO Feb 16-17, 2020

Postby EMSC » Tue Feb 18, 2020 3:42 pm

jamesdeluxe wrote:did you have the holiday off?

Yes. Work is a bit crazy for the moment, so no opportunities to play hooky on an audible basis till at least early March.
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