12/24/18 - Sledding in the Mad River Valley


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After Friday and Saturday’s big rain, MRG cut their trail count to 22. The base looks adequate, but they have been letting the mountain drain. With yesterday and today’s colder temperatures, there’s a lot of ice around. It snowed an inch or two this afternoon, but my daughter and I were pretty content with our choice to skip the skiing and instead hike around the hills with my mom’s 70+ year-old flexible flyer and my sister’s dogs in tow.



Excellent post =D> -- gotta love the Flexible Flyers: those things can move, especially over an icy subsurface.
This particular Flyer is a rare piece of equipment. It’s one of the small models, which I like better because it has a shorter turn radius and is easier to lug back uphill. My mom and her siblings beat it to hell in th 40s and 50s in Connecticut. I then subjected it to a fair amount of New Jersey street sledding when storms allowed in the 70s and 80s. Since the 90s it has lived in Vermont where the grandkids have similarly not been gentle with it. To my knowledge, it has never needed to be repaired, although it is extra flexible at this point. I like that about it because it makes the steering very responsive. It’s a family heirloom for sure.