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Full Mid Winter thaw for the last 36 hours of the week.

Temperatures went up to reach 11c in Ottawa yesterday as we had some light drizzle on and off during the day. As the cold front was moving in last evening, storm winds and some rain lead to some flying objects in the neighbourhood. From garbage cans, shovels to roof shingles, enough wind to have the power go out on our street as the transformer blow in our lane way. So at around 9pm, my youngest daughter and I went to bed. My wife and Morgane came back from Toronto at 1am with a damage car. This slight problem resulted in the search of a car rental on the Saturday morning of the Ontario three-day weekend. Good grief. Car is going to have to go to a garage on Tuesday. I wanted Steepmomo to get some gates as she has a slalom race tomorrow.

So after all the hassle, I had a Ford Focus without winter tires (it would seem that or a Mazda 2 was the equivalent of my Nissan Sentra for the insurance to pay for it). Smaller and not as nice...and another thing, I can't cross the border with it. :( I guess I might not be skiing in Vermont on Monday after all. ?!#$**@%!!!

We left our house at 11:52 hoping to make it in time before the lunch break was over at 12:30. We made it as they were just heading out. My daughter heads to quickly put her skis boots on will I go park the car. There was a free spot not too far, that should have been the first sign.

I headed out just before 1pm. The team had two courses set on Strief. One GS for the I2 (9-10) and a slalom for the K2. The K1 were racing at Vorlage today. The three quads were running and there wasn't too many people at the HSQ so up I went. Noticed that Zoomer underneath was pretty deserted, especially being the main intermediate run. Wind was 40km with gusts of around 50km in town today, so I imagine it might of bit stronger on the hill. It felt cold, probably due to the conditions. Hard packed, slick and icy. Skied on Zoomer to start with, then off to Strief a few times then finished with a turn to check out Easy Street. Snow started blowing. 5 runs in the 55 minutes I skied, the new quad closed due to lack of people I imagine. I decided to call it a day and go eat as I didn't have time to eat breakfast this morning with the car issues and had no lunch.

- car issues
- finding a car rental on a long weekend
- smaller car on 4-season tires
- power outage
- daughter arriving from Toronto at 1am
- thaw and rain then cold and windy
- icy conditions and untuned skis

That was enough for me. Not that I didn't ski enough at Edelweiss when the conditions are good.

I'm happy that Morgane got at least a good 2:30 hour of slalom training before her race tomorrow. I had to get tune some skis now.
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