Beaver Creek Alpine Ski World Championships 2/8 & 9/15


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I'm up at the crazy warm championships. Men's alpine combined today, woman's combined tomorrow. Ted ligety did not have a fast DH run and will barely make the flip 30 but Jared Goldberg is sitting in a surprising 3rd after the DH. One bad crash over the final jump and in a heap into the finish was Ondrej Bank. Hopefully not as bad as it looked. Hopefully pics for you later tonight.
Wow what a surprise. Ted Ligety came from 29th in the DH to get 3rd. Jansrud from Norwy, who won the DH portion gets 2nd. And Hirsher of Austria who finished 30 and ran 1st for the SL wins.

Ted actually had an error tjat cost him probably a half second in the SL. He was ahead of Hirsher half way down the SL. Jared Goldberg who did so well in the DH had a huge error just out of the start that cost him 4 seconds.
It's still on TV on the West Coast, but I no longer have to watch very closely since I know who won and where the American hope finished.









So far identical weather to yesterday as th womens combined DH gets ready to start. The women's DH course is just as steep as the men but with some huge turns built in so the steeps are like a fast super G.
US chances for medals seem a bit iffy today. Lindsey Vonn was bounced around and sits 6th. Laurenne Ross sits in 9th. Tina Maze is first, barely ahead of speed specialist Lara Gut.

Decent crowds today, though less than the weekend. Probably 75% full. Still good energy and cheering.
It will be very interesting to see this afternoon. Warm temps could have a big impact like yesterday, but then the Slovenian caoch is setting the SL which could favor Tina Maze slightly.

Skiing itself has been fairly good actually. Snow turned on East, West and Flats, but the rest is kind of a stiff/chalky surface of mid-winter snow.
As anticipated, not a good day for the US. lindsey actual looked OK in the Slalom but then caught a tip and skied out. Thw rest of the US team was too far back and mostly speed specialists. Tina Maze wins; Nicole Hosp of Austria 2nd; Michaela Kirkgasser of Austria 3rd. Pics later.