First Day at Okemo 11/30/03


New member
Got up to okemo yesterday, and it was great. Granted this was my first day on snow in about two years, so the fifteen trails they had open seemed like a full beautiful mountain. The five lifts open provided riding from one side of the mountain two the other. There were about five or six different top to bottom runs, but at okemo going all the way to the bottom is suicide. The one trail that gets you back to the lodge looked like the mass pike at rush hour. Most of the open beginner terrain got very badly bumped up by midday. Luckily there were only a couple beginner trails open at all. It remained very cold all day so slush wasn't really an issue accept at the base. The diamond world cup got very badly bumpy by two, because it was the only way down off the central quad. Venturing over to each edge of the mountain was great. There were some cool rails on a couple of trails that were fun to jib off of, when the little kids got out of the way. All in all the day was pretty great, with cold this week okemo should be blasting it up with manmade. I have the day off on thursday, hopefully there will be five more trails by then. Beginning to a great season on the fluff.