Golm, AT 02/07/15


Day 7: Golm
For my final day in Montafon, I went to a family-oriented ski area right next door to Schruns: Golm, with a 3,400-vert drop located in the tiny village of Tschagguns. As mentioned before, Schruns and Tschagguns (pronounced "chahgoonse") are both integral stops on the "Footsteps of Ernest Hemingway" regional tour.

Golm Trail Map.jpg

After a week straight of bell-to-bell skiing, including the previous day's Madrisa Tour, I decided to take it easy, arrive in the late morning, and do some easy cruising in the sun, for which Golm is a good place:

golm 1.JPG

I was told by locals that Golm offers some challenging terrain belying its family-friendly credo, including a stunning ski route to the village of Vandans in the lower right corner of the map that will cliff you out unless in the company of a guide. From the top, you can see some amazing back/sidecountry -- look at those tracks down the middle of that line in the distance:
golm 2.JPG

After about two hours, I headed up to the summit restaurant:
mountain hut.JPG

I sat down with my umpteenth Fohrenburger of the trip, the preferred local beer, and looked out over the inversion blanketing Schruns:

Back in town, I took a walk around the village, past a nearby bakery ("seductively fresh"):

And my HQ for the previous three days, the pleasant and convenient Hotel Zimba:

Helpful co-owner Heike Ladurner:
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Thoroughly enjoyed all the TR's.

Really loved trips to Austria in the past, lovely food, great scenery, good beer and such like. I would pay anything right now for a germknödel!
q":3v30xpkf said:
I would pay anything right now for a germknödel!
I didn't post the pic in the Damüls TR because I figured that no one would give a hang about a big lump of potato and bread covered in mystery sauce.

Clearly, Q has his priorities straight. =D>

Sweet dough, plum jam in the centre, melted butter and mixed poppy seeds and sugar sprinkled on the top. On this example it is the vanilla sauce instead of the butter.

I'm going to have a go at making one after years of looking at recipes and never get round to it.

As we say in Scotland, "ye cannae beat it" :bow: