Has anyone skied at?


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I am heading to the south western side of Michigan for work, and wanted to check one of these two places out.
Swiss Valley Ski Area in Jones, MI 11runs 7lifts 225VERT
Timber Ridge Ski Area in Gobles, MI 15runs 4lifts 250VERT

I am going to ski Bittersweet Ski Area in Otsego, MI 19runs 10lifts 350VERT.. But wanted to know if either of the two other ski areas are worth it since i am close to them.


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I have skiied all 3. Bittersweet BY FAR is the best. I think 350 is a reach, but they have an HSQ and a good trails. I had a season pass there for a couple of years. Timber Ridge is OK, pretty flat, trails a bit longer. Swiss is basically a hole in the ground. A great place to learn, but probably not worth the drive. Let me know how it goes.

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Timber Ridge seemed quaint when I skied there 34 years ago, maybe 250 ft vertical with a couple of chairs, some fairly narrow trails too. I've never been to Bittersweet, but at least you can see it sticking-up above the trees from a distance. Swiss Valley is a joke, you can't even see the place from a half-mile away. Villa Olivia has more vertical!!!