I hate Florida, but I Love Martha's Vineyard


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Our dog died this summer .

This year .. after just an old 19 yo Lab....his tail stopped wagging......and just peed.

Obviously could not move well.

Took him back to the sea in Martha’s Vineyard where he would swim - a bit.

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19 is super impressive for a lab. My condolences. Our former admin has had 4 chocolate labs since moving to Utah in 2005 and would have much to say if he were still active here. Being able to bring the dog with him is a key reason he is all in on his RV lifestyle.
Toby was an Original rescue dog from New Orleans, My partner got him in 2005/6.

He's likely older than we think. But he easts things where if your hand is not flat...... bit off. He's scary....how he eats.