Jay Peak VT Dec 15/16 , 2017


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Have been skiing JP since early December and can say that they are out in front with natural snow totals and amount of base .Nevertheless , it is still early in the season and skiing off trail in the woods should be done with caution as there is still plenty of gullies waiting to be filled in along with stumps and rocks about with open streams. Out on the trails the reported 3 feet of snow has been blown around quite a bit by the wind (Jet lift closed on Dec 13 due to wind ) so you will find wind loaded sections and bare rocky sections but all avoidable. Key to good turns is finding where the snow ended up after the wind. The best routes down are where the wind piled up the snow requiring quick turns down the side. Yesterday , light snow fell throughout the day adding a extra layer . Overall, good skiing and riding as natural snow trails are up and running just keep your head up and plan your next turn . Upper elevation base depths in sheltered areas in between 2 and 3 feet.


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Got back from Stowe and Jay a few days ago. I did not venture in the woods as i was alone and do not know them..and it was snowing pretty good. Found some good mogul runs at the Jet and several other spots. It just kept getting better all day. Its really a tree skiers place but i found some interesting runs to hop around in.