Kirkwood, CA April 28, 2024 (closing day)


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They could have easily gone a couple of more weeks and if they had as many people there as they did their last day (or two), they probably would have. No photos and still posting without a keyboard as laptop in for repair of charging port.

We had to squeeze into narrow spot between two vans to get close to Cornice chair as VIP lot was full and other close-in spaces were filling fast by 9. I’d invited one Truckee friend who’d taken pop-up camper skiing in CO and then to TX for eclipse and he brought another friend to So. Tahoe, then they rode with me the less than an hour to Kirkwood.

We loaded Cornice about 915 and skied it nine times. 2nd Truckee friend is 70+ year-old snowboarder who nearly exclusively rides Northstar and would rather play pickleball unless conditions are great He only had 11 days before this day. He rode busy Zachary, the main frontside groomer, all 9 times while Truckee skier friend and I moved to Sentinel for laps 6-8, before returning to Zachary for lap 9. Sentinel had less traffic and better, firmer snow as it faces NE vs E for Zachary, but requires crossing long (but fast enough early) flat to entrance that snowboarding friend did not want to try although many other boarders did.

Skier friend and I moved to the Reut which had about 10 minute for us as I didn’t see until in it that two left lines merged before merging again with right line that was probably designed to be for ski school. We skied Conestoga which had usual very good snow before 1130. We moved to Wall where friend quit after one lap. There was a narrow, crowded groomed entrance with good snow, but we came down to right of it where it was firm. Friend went down once near top, but stopped quickly avoiding slide for life a few others took.

I waited for him, then we skied main lower groomer Buckboard to bottom. I repeated The Wall finding better entrance and skied E-facing part of Eagle Bowl which was a little too soft, but stillskiable. NE/N would have been better, but with longer flattish slog out. I returned to Cornice and took long gravity to Palisades which skied well on more N-facing sides of ridges. I returned to SUV taking shortcut that included removing skis on steep bank above road when snow got too dirty.

After break at SUV where I got out chair and had a beer, I surprised friends who were ready to leave by returning to Cornice for two laps. I did a warmup on still very good Sentinel then skied big soft bumps on Olympic, cutting into two chutes on right for steep smooth snow. I quit before 130 with 20.35K. My friends wait for ride back to So. Tahoe was not over as I went to memorial BBQ put on by son of friend of friend who always hosted closing day BBQ that I attended a few times. I had an excellent tri-tip on French roll with garlic and au jus before leaving about 2.