KMart 12/3


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Natural snow trails have a firm crust from the 5" of wet snow->sleet->drizzle that happened Sunday night into Monday. It's now an impervious base for the rest of the winter.

They groomed out Cascade and lower Superstar for Wednesday. Superstar skied very well. Cascade was pretty firm and I only did one run on it. Guns blazing on Downdraft. I imagine that will be open today. They resurfaced upper Bunny Buster and Highline. I think there's an event on Highline this weekend so the rope might not drop on that trail until late on Sunday.

Other'n Downdraft, expect flat'n fast or careful navigation of the ungroomed natural snow trails that are open. It's nothing like the conditions of a week ago when all the natural snow trails were packed powder but what-da-ya-want for early December.