Mayflower Resort, UT + LCC Gondola

The Mayflower terrain is now part of Deer Valley: article. What a surprise! :icon-rolleyes:

Such a waste of $$ overall IMO. Certainly far from inspiring terrain/snowfall for the most part. Don't worry though, Dear Valley will be almost the same size as Park City by acreage!

Almost by definition that means the whole Park City area will be a place for me to avoid with massive crowds, cars, etc... everywhere all the time (as if that area isn't bad enough already). Of course, given the huge population increase in Utah, at least someone is adding more terrain. Otherwise crowding would simply increase exponentially on/at the existing terrain.
Agree, I'm not inspired by the proposed new terrain, especially if it skis similarly to the stuff over by the Jordanelle gondy. Seems like an expensive excuse to build 1000s more McMansions. Too bad they can't steer all that investment into a gondy for LCC. :smileyvault-stirthepot:
Deer Valley is not a bad ski area, but ranks below four or five other Utah ski areas that I prefer more. I'm hoping this expansion acts as a people magnet and lessens crowds in LCC and BCC.
I'm hoping this expansion acts as a people magnet and lessens crowds in LCC and BCC.
Dream on. There's no way the Utah local LCC/BCC skier is going to drive over there for what will be east coast manmade conditions most of the time.
Looks like the deal is similar to the extensive CNL real estate/ ski deals. The real estate company Extell will own the land and Deer Valley will have a long-term lease and develop it. However, I was still trying to find out who is paying for the lift/trail/snowmaking infraastructure - assume Extell might be and Deer Valley will just operate it.. DV likely wanted to control the experience and not dilute its brand.

Feel like Mayflower was in a weak position for negotiations - they would be almost non-viable ski resort wise without a link to Deer Valley. And you can see most of the trails are already cut.

Almost every run on the lower 2/3 of the mountain will need snowmaking. Jordanelle Gondola is generally a WROD most of the year. And even higher up on the mountain. The only interesting terrain looks to be on the left / south side of the ski map, but most of that will not be built for opening year.

Assume the new development will be an access portal and slight curiousity for destination skiers, but I doubt it will really evenly distribute skiers. The new skiers will likely go to current Deer Valley's Class A north facing cruisers.