MMSA Zoom meeting re: winter ops during pandemic

Tony Crocker

Staff member
There are some interesting points in that edition of the Sheet. Evidently it's not that difficult to ski Mammoth now if you're motivated. Many property owners have switched to direct-to-customer rentals vs. using the reservation services that are now prohibited from booking non-essential travelers. The result is that Mono County and Mammoth Lakes will take a huge hit in uncollected bed taxes over the Christmas holidays.

Also, with the current level of infection in California, the restrictions implemented on Dec 6 are likely to last longer than the minimum 3 weeks.

Sierra Lady

New member
The amount of "essential" visitors here this past weekend was absurd! Amazing how many illegal rentals there are and/or second homeowners bringing up family who do NOT reside in their immediate household plus their friends or are "renting" to their friends. Tons of RV's, vans and vehicles camped illegally (the RV Park is closed) all over town in their "secret spots" (leaving trash, TP/feces once again just like in the earlier SAH order this spring/summer/Fall) and many out in the legal dispersed camping areas on the Scenic Loop. Our Code Enforcement team and PD just can't keep on top of it. A friend who is the Host Dept. Supervisor snapped a photo of the Chair 2 parking lot from this past Sunday and it looked like an RV Park! He said they weren't there when he left work at 5:00 the previous day so many may have driven up late and camped out there overnight (if they did, MMSA Security didn't do anything about it), but most may have driven up for a spot early that morning.

At this rate, we're never going to lessen the surge. Mono County is now up to 512 cases with 406 of those in Mammoth." onclick=";return false;

Stay safe and healthy everyone. Merry COVID Christmas and let's pray that 2021 brings a hopeful, healthier New Year!

Sierra Lady

New member
12/23/20 Short term rental prohibition extended until at least 1/4/21. (There are still SO many illegal rentals going on with lots of "essential" travelers in the area. The fine to the owner is $1000/nt. and termination of their ToML business license if caught. Lots of illegal camping inside town limits, too. Btw, Mono County had one more death and over 80 new cases just last week.) ... k4kEfRr82c" onclick=";return false;" onclick=";return false;