Northeastern U.S. Weather

OpenSnow New England said 5-10 inches this morning. It looks like quite a bit more fell during the day.
The woods at Stowe are knee deep. So much in there it's hard to make fast turns...
Haven't skied anything this deep since PC in January.
Too bad it fell on a holiday week.
Every time I go there.its either everything on windhold...or it warmed up and froze!
Either bolton valley..
Or jay tomorrow
Bolton around the corner from me.
Goat yesterday...huge solid ice moguls and a ton of snow to surf around them..most of the time. This trail is by far the hardest one there...
There's no way out once in it except the woods to the left..which are too tight for this poor slug. After last Saturdays rain and freeze, all the double d's are ice moguls.
Upper goat opened, but it's just too sketchy. Lower is closed as it's even sketchier, too many rocks.
We need a heavy snow to cover and stick to everything. We may get that Friday.
It was entertaining in many ways.
I do feel bad for the yard salers though..
The combo of snow and ice...ain't easy.
It's nice to see the East Coast getting good snow over President's Week.
Not here in central New England. Almost completely bare ground in the Berkshires of western New England. We've had very little snow and quite a bit of rain and warmer temps. The local ski hills have been able to make enough snow to get almost 100% of their terrain open but no natural snow on any of the trails or in the woods. Somewhat depressing and a very lean Winter.
Admittedly, Stowe and a few other areas in northern New England have a micro climate (Lake Champlain effect snow) and have had more real snow. But even Stowe is reporting only a 24" base. My daughter who lives in Montreal has had very little snow this Winter and quite a bit of rain. I'm supposed to go skiing with her soon to Mt. Tremblant and even that has had a bad Winter. The El Nino effect has not been kind to the Northeast.
That number isn't too relevant at the moment.
Stowe has gotten a lot of snow recently...just not the kind that sticks..but they groom a lot of into the base..and the woods are covered pretty well.
And they blew a ton of snow on many areas.
It's anecdotal but someone on NY Ski Forum had a good visit to Tremblant in mid-January with nice pillows:

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Yea, I was supposed to go up this weekend but the weather forecast is for maybe some rain on Friday, even at Mt. Tremblant, and then turning very cold and windy on Saturday. Does not sound like a pleasant day to ski. I admit I've become somewhat of a skiing wimp when it comes to cold weather, as I age. My fingers, especially, do not deal well with the cold. I may have to look into heated gloves. I may go up the following weekend or later in March but it is supposed to turn very warm next week, even up in Canada.
So seems it took a full 10 years after bankruptcy to bring the snowmaking infrastructure up to speed. Now to work on the greasy lift sheaves...
A Virgil local mentioned "Greek Peak is going to be installing a new pump that will allow them to make snow on the entire hill all at once. That's a major game changer."