Palisades Tahoe, CA May 13, 2024


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Still posting without keyboard as I didn’t bring my laptop which was repaired so it works (slowly) plugged in but does not charge battery. My original plan was to ski Palisades two weeks ago on the Mon after KIrkwood closed (to avoid drive home with I-680 closed for maintenance about 30 miles from home that I experienced on drive home from Snowbird) or today. Instead I skied both Mondays, leaving San Jose at 405 and arriving Palisades at 745 with about 20 miles of one-lane due to construction on I-80 before and after Donner Summit.

I loaded Funitel at 810 and skied very good groomers on Gold Coast twice to warmup before moving to Siberia. There was not much of a freeze and groomers had left some deep tracks in Siberia Bowl. Photo from 945 after tracks had been skied for an hour and a half.

I rode and skied lift seven times, dropping off ridge to right a few times and doing my part to fill in groomer tracks a couple of times. Some of the N/NE-facing groomers in middle of Siberia had re-frozen.

After a Headwall Nose, I moved to Shirley Lake for 5 groomer laps, finding good smooth, fast snow. Patroller I’d ridden Siberia with earlier said Main Backside on Granite Chief had been groomed and he was surprised lift was not running. He also said Sun Bowl on Headwall was still good, but was closed as they had removed boundary markers weeks ago.

I did another lap in Siberia, then three on Headwall planning to finish my day on KT, but I learned the fat lady had sung before 11 as it had closed for the season so I skied another North Bowl chute that was more challenging than one I’d done earlier. I also skied both Classic and Hourglass chutes to left and right of these photos. I skied the narrower one on looker’s right earlier and had some slow-moving snow coming down with me.

I finished my day with two more laps off Siberia Ridge into the race course. I’d parked by Red Dog, but higher traverses to get there had burned off so I slogged across and down some dirty snow to get within 100’ of my SUV about 12:30 with 25K. I stopped by bootfitter on way out of valley and he said patrollers he knew said Granite Chief and Headwall are probably done for season
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