PCMR Nov29-DEc3


First off its been a while for me to post. Still living in PC and skiing a good amount with my wife and boys now 9/13 its been quite a fun ride the past 10 years. No longer working at the Mtn since Vail takeover. Some growing pains out here but the Mtn itself is still great.
Off to a great start with around 110" so far on the high Mtn. We did have a large warm storm cycle about 10 days ago that dropped some rain below 8k feet and wiped out some low Mtn base. the second half of that storm did snow to the base and below. We have recovered with a few great storms and are skiing all terrain down low now, including off piste and trees.
Vail resorts seems to be doing a better job with hiring and getting the Mtn up and running. Good to see agreements with Patrol and now lift ops are unionized.
A lot of terrain was available today. Only bummer is that McConkeys is getting a new gear box installed currently and has yet to open even though its deep up there. Jupiter lift failed a grip inspection one some chairs and will be down till around New Years rumor has it. No Dreamcatcher, sunup or iron Mtn yet but crowds are low so that terrain is ok not to have running yet. I assume once employees are trained on bordered it will be a go.
Skiing is in great mid winter form. Soft snow and incredible (for PC) base covering most everything. Got great pow Tuesday off 9990 and again yesterday off saddleback, orange bubble and sun peak (which if you recall didn't open last year due to mismanagement) Today at PC side skied amazing with my youngster off the Thaynes side. Blasting on Jupiter peak is ongoing, I think they may be doing training up there as well. They have been allowing hike to access into west face/first bowl in Jupiter while the lift is down which is nice.
Sounds like Mconkeys should open tomorrow or Monday and a big push is on to open front side of canyons (docs, Dokota bowl and Lookout ridge) and super condor which looks well covered, even some of the upper south facing shots like west boundary and stick and stones.
Hope everyone out west is enjoying the season and fingers crossed those back east cool down soon.