Re: Need a Help, is Ski Repairable?


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I took my Volkyl AC 40's;return false;" onclick=";return false; ... arbon-2008) into Utah Ski and Golf to get a tune up. I figure I have been skiing on them for 4 maybe 5 seasons now?

The bases have a number of gouges including one that goes through the black base to a the next layer. It obviously needs to be fixed.

The guy looked at the skiis and made an assessment that water had gotten into the ski and he was concerned that if he tried to do the tune up, the edges might come out? The standard tune up involves a sand of the base layer and repair w/ Ptex, then wax, etc.

Could this really happen? I'm not an expert in ski maintenance, but, can't they just fill in some of the big gouges w/ Ptex, file the edges, and wax the ski? I like to get maximum use out of everything I buy and it seems a shame to possibly dump these skiis.



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Skis only has one 'i'. A gouge through the P-tex into the next layer is called a 'core shot' and should be repaired as soon as possible to avoid damaging the core of the ski. A shop typically would do something called a base weld. I'm not sure the edges would come out, but it is possible, especially if the damage is next to the edge or there is already some swelling from water getting into the ski.

Are the edges bent or bulging? You could try another shop or post a picture.