Suicide Six, VT

Always thought Suicide Six was an odd name for a ski hill - especially when most Pocono mountains are larger. You are not really missing much. I did spend a half day there in the mid-90s since it had student rates, and was 20 minutes away.

However, it does have a legitimate pitch and a place in ski history (first ski lift and the FISK race that has been going forever).

It's nice that the Woodstock Inn owns it and can function as a bit of a loss leader/marketing expense. And it benefits the local community.

A lot of small mountains in the Connecticut River Valley were lost over time. Ascutney tried to become a regional hill and even put an HS lift/hotel, but was forced to liquidate everything. Debt put an end to Pico's independence. Magic was gone for a while. Haystack has always been in/out of bankruptcy
Photo from a visit I made there in 2011, the headwall is not exactly suicidal by modern standards, but steep enough to sprout healthy mogul fields when there is plenty of manmade and natural snow. About 650' vertical. I'm sure it was pretty exciting with 1930s ski equipment and technique. The lodge has some nice historical ski photos and displays as I recall.
suicide six steeps.jpg
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New name - Saskadena Six.

That does not really roll off your tongue. I understand the desire to use historical names - especially original Native American names - for natural features, but from a marketing perspective, it's a difficult name.