Tracking Skiing Stats


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I did a little more looking at EpicMix and some searching and found the following:

1.While you can't see what lifts other people skied by day you can see which pins they earned. The EpicMix leader at Heavenly in 2018-19 received pin for riding Gunbarrel 10 times in one day on 12/27 and for riding Gunbarrel 25 times in the season on 12/28. You can only earn these (virtual) pins once a season so leader rode it at least 10 times the first day you no longer had to download and had a two-day total of at least 25 rides by the end of the 2nd day it was open for skiing. It would be interesting to see if leaders remove lifts they have to download or let them get double-counted. I think both Gunbarrel and Tram can double-count when downloading if you get close enough to sensor. His highest days before Gunbarrel opened for skiing was 59K on 12/21 and 56K a few days earlier.

Pins are required to get points to be on top of leaderboard, on top of skiing a lot of vertical nearly every day they’re open. To get some pins require skiing multiple lifts or multiple areas. Some of the pins require riding less efficient lifts. Some examples are:
Park Party riding Groove lift at Heavenly 5 times in a row.
Space Cadet riding Comet to Dipper to Galaxy at Heavenly.
Lumberjack riding Timberline at Northstar 10 times in a season. This is a slow, mostly Real Estate lift that I’m not sure I’ve ever ridden. Bob Seto rode it 10 times on one of his days there.

2. I also searched to see if there was any more info on the last full season leader besides that he is a painting contractor (from his avatar). He appears to live or have his business between Heavenly’s two NV bases, Boulder and Stagecoach (from NV contractor license).

3. I also found that snowboard leader and 6th overall for 2010-11 wrote a fitness book that includes a chapter on how to maximize EpicMix points and promises "How to easily ride/ski over 2.5 million vertical feet in one winter" which he had over 128 days that season. ... 1492782580