What is a plow and why would you throw salt?????


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So my usual 15 minute drive to work turned into a 2 hour odyssey. Winter has FINALLY arrived in Pittsburgh. An Erie station is calling for 12" in town and 18" in the lake effect zones. This I would love to see. I ', not sure that I believe it but we shall see.
Fully half of the roads that I take to work normally were closed today. I saw 4 accidents. The most interesting of which happened about half way up a hill climb. I was a school bus loaded with kids that tried to come down the hill, slid across 2 lanes and parked in someone's front yard. I'm relatively sure that driver had to go home to change pants.

At least there is snow on the ground for the first time this year. The roads are finally cleared now that it is after lunch. Winter has come to western PA.


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They clear your roads when it snows??? wow you folks out in western pa got it better then we do on the eastern side of the state. We had a storm last year where they never touched the roads in my town. Made it so we could snowmobile around town for a few days but otherwise was rather dumb. Also made x-country skiing on the roads and around town possible.


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Love to see it man!!! That's right, went to Richmond for the weekend and came home to a foot of fresh snow on my road and in my yard. Luckily the plows hit it in the night for the buses making my drive home that much easier.

Hey Ryan, you gonna be at the Peek this weekend? I'll be up at least once, maybe even twice, Friday and Saturday.

Goin home tonight and buildin a kicker in my field. Can't wait!!


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Yea i'll be at the Peak this weekend.

Is that you Ryan?

I'm assuming that it is so hey. The Ryan's re-unite online. :twisted: